Vision Statement
Each building in the Lackawanna Trail School District has a vision statement that embodies what each building believes it must do in order to accomplish the overall mission of the school district itself. Vision statements were crafted after a review of current literature that stresses such statements should be focused, measurable, and doable.
The vision of the Lackawanna Trail Junior-Senior High School is to provide an educational atmosphere where all students are safe, nurtured both academically AND socially, with access to a wide variety of challenging courses. During their high school years, students will be able to measure their acquired knowledge by achieving proficiency on standardized, as well as teacher-created assessments because of the education they receive from a highly-qualified faculty. Upon fulfilling all graduation requirements, students will have then mastered the standards-based curriculum--making them fully prepared to enter college, post-secondary vocational school, the armed services, or the work force. Regardless of their post-secondary choice, students will graduate being technologically literate, will be able to access pertinent information and effectively collaborate with others--making them productive citizens.

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